What are the things girls do but never admit?


Ok, let’s chuck the emotional and other kinds of stuff. It would be fun being honest here. Here are some of the things that girls do but never admit.

1. We’re better stalkers, of course. You tell us about your friend’s brother’s girlfriend, and the next moment we’ll know more about her than her boyfriend does. (Well we have our peculiar ways)

2. We girls do stare at hot guys’ butts and secretly wish to see the guy shirtless.

3. We all love to wear sexy and a bit revealing clothes.

4. We stare at girls who wear exposing clothes. We figure out all the measurements in our heads. ( not in a homo way though)

5. We try to act cute in front of cute boys. Trying to grab their attention, of course. (Though I fail miserably here)

6. We do use tears as our defense mechanism. The cause, of course, we want you to melt and realize we’re always right.
We don’t wax during winters.

7. We can’t stand any girl even wandering around our crush. ( We have already bashed the loon’s head a million times against the wall)

8. We like being messy and unorganized. (Though we might rant you for being the same)

9. We are never good at initiating. We’ll always want you guys to start off first.

10. We have already been intimate with our crush for more than a hundred times in our funny little brains.

11. We read erotica and watch a lot of porn.

12. We might say we’re sorry at times just to shut your mouth, but we’re never unfortunate.

13. We do objectify guys when we’re with our girlfriends.

No matter how much formal we try to be about not exchanging gifts, we love to accept gifts.

We girls go berserk at times, but that’s how we are meant to be so you guys have a bear 🙂


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