Things Only A Traveler Can Relate To


travel-plane-708x399-1Mostly everyone is fond of trips and blissful journeys but there are some of us who confer to wanderlust. They just love to travel and they want to experience every bit of this world. Destinations matter but journey is more precious to them.

* They are not selfie-types, they are the ones who take pictures. Born photographers they are.

* Their friends often hear the plans to go to so many places and experience different cultures and traditions from them.

* From tickets to passports, from maps to clothes, they like every section of packing.

* Wanderers do not require company, they usually go solo and it is something unique about them.

* They are the natural lovers. They adore mother Earth more than anyone in this world. Not only serene and beautiful locations, but the extremities of her are also loved by them.

* They live in a moment, they do not scare to dare and they do feel the thrill. No place is unknown to them as they are the travelers.

* Their facebook posts and tweets on twitter are always full of glimpses of their voyages. Phone covers, laptop wallpapers, even their accessories are the display of their wanderlust.

* Being a traveler, they develop taste in diversity. Cuisines, cultures, traditions, customs, these are considered to be the rewards of their journeys by them.

* Missing a train or a flight is never a big deal for them, while they enjoy the extra time they get in there.

* Their browsers’ history consists of travel blogs and tricks to save for the next expedition. They keep on checking travelling sites for new offers and packages.

* They love to be around other wanderer, gushing about their trips and experiences, cherishing every moment of it.

* Travelers can sacrifice anything to travel, whether it is a car or a savings account. There is always a saving jar for that extra money that they get to have journeys.

* They excel in foreign languages as they love to travel and while travelling they love to converse too. They find it easy to make friend on roads rather than back at home.

* They always end up with a spouse having same wanderlust and make their lives a bliss.


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