This Ideal Perfect Marriage Routine Gives a Perfect Reason To Smile


We all desire perfection in things, whether it is marriage or love or relationships. This idea routine of someone having a perfect marriage looks like heaven!


6:00 am:

She: Wake up Ashish! Or you will be late for the gym again.

Me: Don’t wake me up na! Let me sleep a little bit more. And a hug is followed by a kiss.

8:00 am:

Helping her to make breakfast, and she is helping me to get ready for work.

1:00 pm

She: Don’t forget to finish your lunch. (Message pops up)

Me: I would have finished it, but where is the chicken? Who eats vegetables for lunch.

She: Today is Tuesday.

Me: Fuck, Tuesday. Anyway, you take your lunch on time, I don’t want to hear any excuse about it.

7:00 pm

Back home.

Me: Can you please change this channel, I don’t want to watch Ekta Kapoor’s shit.

She: And I don’t want to watch your Hollywood shit.

Me: I am going to buy a new TV.

And my dad interrupts, Bahut paise ho gaye hai tere paas? (So, have you got too much money?).

My dad loves Ekta Kapoor’s shit more than her.

8:00 pm

Helping her prepare dinner.

Me: You make chapati, I will prepare vegetables. (That is my specialty)

She: Last time, you put extra salt.

Me: Accidents happen. Drink more water to compensate.

And my mom interrupts, “Sometimes listen to your wife too. You can’t be right every time.”

10:00 pm

Back to bed.

Cuddling and a naughty smile on my face, I whisper in her ear, “let’s have a kid.”

Well, this is the best we can think of an idea of perfect marriage. Just a normal life with respect, lots of love and compatibility with each other.

A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who

refuse to give up on each other…

PS: Don’t compare our answer with reality, it is just an Idea of a perfect marriage. Where perfection is myth


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