“This Is My Most Embarrassing Food Moment” : My Story


“Aha! sauce!”, it clicked!

I asked the waitress for the missing ingredient. She informed me that it’ll be an additional $5 for the sauce if I would like to order it. My Indian brain instantly converted $5 into INR 300 and rejected the notion of even thinking about ordering sauce.

I told her I don’t need the sauce anymore. I imagined myself gulping down the dry pizza with water rather than shelling out $5 for sauce. What sort of a restaurant doesn’t provide complimentary sauce?

It’s not about the money, a man should stick to his principles of not paying for stuff which is supposed to be complimentary, my brain justified!

Do you pay extra for napkins, salt and pepper at a restaurant? No, right? What kind of a restaura….

My thoughts were interrupted as the waitress suddenly reappeared and placed a small bowl on the table. “Our chef has made this sauce specially for you. It’s complimentary from the kitchen. Enjoy your meal!”, she said sweetly.

It’s just then that I realized something was amiss. What I actually had in mind when I ordered sauce:


The waitress and the chef went to the trouble of making and serving fresh sauce even when I had declined to have it. I was too embarrassed to ask her again for ketchup, thanked her, ate the pizza with sauce and tipped her well for her thoughtfulness.

I learnt two things that day:

  • Ketchup and sauce are two different things.
  • Canadians are too warm and polite.
  • Restaurant wait staff can see straight through your stinginess.
  • Flatbread pizza doesn’t taste that great with sauce.
  • We Indians love complimentary stuff, just like the above two additional points.



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