This is what happens when you’re drunk!


Not all, but most of us sleep while we’re still tipsy. Sleep can come to you easily and too quickly, however, the sleep quality it not even closes to be relaxed. When you’re drunk; then it can agitate your body’s chemistry, thus controlling your entire sleep mechanism.

Want to know what happens to your body while you’re still drunk? Have a look!

  • A distressed slumber

According to studies, if you sleep drunk then you might fall asleep too quickly but, it will negatively affect the latter half of the sleep. Excessive drinking also makes you distressed and tired. This may translate to pulse rate which further leads to increase in anxiety.

  • Delay in Onset of REM Sleep

REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is a restorative sleep. It allows you to calm the brain and process the emotions and memories you made during the daytime. Usually, there are 5 to 7 cycles of REM Sleep in a normal night sleep of an average person. And, if alcohol functions in the body; the REM cycles reduces to just 1 or 2. This leads to grogginess and lethargic throughout the day.

  • Loud Snoring

Consuming alcohol helps your muscles to relax. This also works well for the throat muscles. When we fall asleep with your relaxed throat muscles, you tend to snore loudly. Some people even talk or walk during they’re drunken. However, this leads to impaired memory.

  • Increase heart rate

You may think that consuming alcohol will lead to proper and peaceful sleep. But, it’s actually the contrary. The body’s nervous system become more active and leads to increase in heart rate. This, in turn, leads to spike the blood pressure and leaves the state of mind restless and stressed the following day.

  • Frequent peeing

However, this regenerative sleep will make you impatient the whole night. As alcohol is diuretic, it directly affects the kidneys. This makes you for frequent peeing and bad for kidney health. It also reduces the production of vasopressin, a hormone which has the capacity to reabsorb the required quantity of water rather than flushing through urine.

  • More sweating

It makes you feel more sweat and leads you to dehydration the next morning.



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