IA’s Report Made 3 Chinese Journalists To Leave Country

India has decided to suspend the extended visas of three Chinese journalists on grounds of security reasons based on the reports of the Intelligence agencies. The journalists named Wu Qiang, Lu Tang and She Yonggang working for China’s official news agency Xinhua, were asked to leave India by July 31.
Lu Tang, a Jawaharlal Nehru University graduate, was head of the agency’s bureau in Mumbai along with She Yonggang. Wu Qiang was the head of the agency in Mumbai. The intelligence agency had reports of these journalists impersonating people and were availing facilities using different names.
This move by India has been described as revenge against the rejection of its application for Nuclear Suppliers Group by China which would have strengthened ties between the countries. However, the government discarded the assumption saying that the Chinese journalists were sent back since their visas had expired four months back and were staying overtime which had no link with country’s NSG meeting in Seoul in June.

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The Indian Government said that the journalists were not being expelled rather would welcome new reporters sent by China.chinese journalists visa expired india intelligence agency reports
According to reports, the Delhi head of Xinhua, Wu Xiang who has been working since seven years in India, said that they were given no reasons for not renewing their visas. The journalists were granted an extension of 15 days which was extended to two months since they requested to stay till new recruits had come. Since there were no signs of their coming, their return date was finalized.

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Xinhua works under the jurisdiction of the State Council headed by Premier Li Keqiang. The news agency remained mum and made no official comment on the issue. There are five other Chinese media organizations journalists’ working in India and China has five Indian journalists reporting from there.


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