Some tips for two-wheelers road trip riders!


Are you a truly a huge two-wheelers rider? Well, nevertheless; there is something truly special about the long distance two-wheelers rides.

Some say it’s like exploring new roads. While some say driving under the beautiful sunset.
Whatever may be the case, but one thing is for sure is that planning a trip is that not easy as we really think that it would be.

So, before you’re planning a road trip, here are some tips you need to check out!

1. The first thing to look out is for the right time to plan your trip.For Example, you wouldn’t say to go Rajasthan in the scorching sun or to Ladakh and Manali in the crazy winters.

2. Either carry a portable charger during your ride or choose two-wheelers with having a USB mobile charging unit.Whenever you’re going on a road trip, very important for you to keep your phone in full battery. Not only, it helps in navigation, but also it can help to stop and click beautiful pictures as well!

Needless to say, there should be a portable charger or an inbuilt USB charger like in the new TVS We go should be present on the top of the list.

3. Make sure that your two-wheelers have a body balance feature.While on the way to your road trip, definitely, you’ll come across highways, rural areas, district areas; and you never know that a bump or pothole will sneak up on you. Two-wheelers ride with body balance will make your ride go smoothly and will give a pleasant experience.

4. Make sure to pack the right gear.Packing materials included leather jackets, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, and boots. It will also be cool if you through in some cool rugged T-shirts as well.

5. Always ride at a constant speed.Riding your two-wheelers at a constant speed is very important. Sudden acceleration or deceleration in the speed will not give good mileage for your vehicle. It also reduces the chances of having back aches.

6. Avoid too many breaks. Instead, have fewer and longer breaks.Taking too many breaks would lead to increase the time taken to reach your destination. Rather, take least breaks. Take a ride for at least 2-3 hrs and then take a good amount of 15-20 minutes break to restore yourself.

7. Carry expensive items like cameras and mobile phones in an airtight zip pouch.You might carry a waterproof backpack, but there is no harm being extra careful. Putting your DSLR camera or mobile phones in an airtight zip pouch.This ensures that your electronics will remain dry and will be in good condition when it rains.

8. Whenever possible, use tubeless tires.

It’s advisable to use tubeless tires. It’s more durable than the normal tires. Even at the time of punctures, these tires are long lasting and has the capacity to bear before needing a repairing shop.


Happy journey folks!


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