Tips to Score well in Your English board Examinations


Class 12th boards have always been an important part of the indian education system. The Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) will commence their class 12th boards exams from 1st of March. With not even a month left for the exams, students are dreaded about the impending danger. The first exam is English, which carries 100 marks.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that it does not really matter how you have performed in your previous school examinations, Everyone has a clean slate in the board examinations. So do not think that you are any less than the students who have scored well throughout, Don’t demotivate yourself.


Here are the sections in the English examination:

  • Reading Passage -This is an extremely scoring sections and needs less amount of effort comparatively. Read the passage carefully and you’ll be able to find the links to answer the questions.
  • Writing Skills -Follow formats religiously. Most of the questions in this section are for 10 marks. A handy tip is to make a rough column and to right down bullet points for whatever you are expected to talk about in the letter or the article and work your way on making paragraphs on them accordingly.
  • Literature -Read all the chapters very thoroughly. Each of the long answers should have a proper format starting from introduction to body and to the conclusion. Aim at writing around 150-200 words spread across 3-4 paragraphs.


  • Start preparing early – Most students tend to prepare for english examination shortly before the exam date. Instead on ignoring this subject, one must start preparing for it early. It will reduce load, and will you spotting your weaknesses on time so that you can work on them.
  • Try to speak in english – Speaking and conversing in English would improve your english skills fast. You can start off by talking in english with your family and friends.
  • Work on English language skills – Find like minded friends, who are also keen on improving their English Language skills and form a group. Gather up and talk in English. Sit together, go through your English lessons/textbook and try to discuss things in English. You may indulge in question and answer sessions, debates, essay writing sessions etc.

Lastly, you should keep calm no matter what. If at all there’s a feeling of ‘I can’t take it’ then, well don’t. Take a break, watch some movies, and hang out with friends for a bit. You will definitely get back.


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