Top 5 education blogs in India


Top 5 education blogs in India

Education is no more restricted to books. It has gone Online! We now have the world of Virtual Education. You can study via blogs, videos, online courses etc. Education Blogs are a great source of help for career oriented students. Let us see top 5 Education Blogs that you can look up to.

  • Propel steps

Education is the basic step towards the betterment of the nation. Each child requires education for its bright future. Hence, it acts as a powerful tool in our life. Propel steps act as a platform mainly for group discussions & sharing knowledge. However, a unique point of the blog is it creates a link between education & life.

  • MCQ Biology

As we can know from the name itself! It provides Multiple Choice Questions for the students in the subject, Biology. It is created mainly to gain IQ & awareness in the subject. Moreover, they also perform tests to see the performance of the students. Instead of getting different books from the shop, visit this blog to get all information under one roof.

  • Educational Initiatives blog

The educational Initiatives blog was started in 2001.  Almost, it has 15 years of expertise in the field of education. Their main aim is to provide education to students through personalized learning & ensuring that they have completely understood the text. This blog provides audio & visual tools to make students understand more clearly. Teachers also help in solving the problems.  Moreover, this blog is coordinating with top companies like Google, Azim Premji’s foundation, World Bank, etc.

  • Cards, crafts, Kids project

As the name suggests, it gives ideas to people about the crafty things & tips regarding kids projects. Dr. Sonia SV had started this blog for the parents to help their children in project completion.  Without any difficulty, you can find out different types of crafts & projects.  It also provides many good DIY projects.  Despite, such things, it’s also eco-friendly as provides ideas regarding reused & recycled items. Sounds interesting, right? Actually, this blog is quite inspiring. Do visit & check out once!

  • Magic Pathshala blog

Now, the Internet is with everyone in their pockets.  People prefer e-learning over the library.  The team members of this blog research about the ways students can understand. Following that policy, they teach the students. In this way, the true potential of a student can be revealed. Companies that coordinates with this blog are Britannica, YouTube, etc.




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