Top 5 Must Have PC Software 2016

PCs require good software to extend its working life and usage in the best way possible. Thanks to the open source which don’t ask for a single penny from their customers. But free software comes with a large number of advertisements which become quite annoying many times.So here are some best apps for the year 2016 which will accomplish all your difficult tasks.
  1. Photo Editor GIMPgimp software

GIMP stands for the most popular GNU Image Manipulation Program which is just like the Photoshop but works for free and requires no licensing. It can not only edit photos but can also help an organization create their logo, resizing images including layering, masks, paths and use of gliders.

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  1. Spybotspybot_logo_large

Spybot is similar to an antivirus but works differently. It helps remove all those bugs which your normal antiviruses can’t  like tracking cookies, spyware, browser hijacks and much more. Moreover, this app doesn’t require all-time running compulsion and helps increase the processing speed of the PCs.

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  1. Avira Free Antivirus

Avira works in a cloud-based environment so that all its users are updated with the latest virus definitions. It has a unique capability of detecting hidden Trojans and other malware in high-quality apps with an easy-to-use interface.
  1. Libre Officelibre-office4

Creating documents using the official paid apps like Microsoft Office sometimes become uneconomical, but since the launch of Libre Office, the successor of OpenOffice it has eased tasks at no cost and has become the toughest competitor to the official apps. It supports all the Microsoft’s standard formats along with the Open Document Format.

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  1. Google Chromebest pc software download

 Even after Microsoft’s Edge and Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome is by far the best browser which is recommended by every PC user. It is highly stable, compatible, and has a huge number of free extensions.


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