“I Take Extra Care of Her In Periods.” This Story Will Make You Believe That Perfect Boyfriends Still Exist!


While some people believe that perfect boyfriends do not exist, but the reality is that there are still few gems in this world and these people are surely priceless. Here is one such experience of a guy who shares his awkward moment with his parents and also makes us believe in love and perfect guys.

(This story is Shared by Mukkul Shrivastava.)


“I got a period reminder as a top screen notification when I was showing family pictures in my phone to my parents. Something like this:

  • Well, my girlfriend had PMS ( Pre Menstrual Syndrome), and it was my prerogative to remember when exactly would her periods start.
  • So that I would be extra cautious and take care of her during her monthly cycle. I loved doing this because it meant no arguments, and getting loved in return after her cycle was over.
  • I installed an app called Period tracker, which would remind me in advance about the date.
  • It so happened on the fateful day that we had a family get-together and my parents were eager to see the pictures, captured in my device.
  • I was showing them the pics, when suddenly that wretched app decided to ruin my evening, by placing a top screen notification about my next cycle.
  • My father and mother were both shocked and all I could say that these are stupid advertisement and clickbaits.
  • I don’t think they agreed with me as they were murmuring something while I disappeared from the room and couldn’t face them out of awkwardness for few days.
  • Meanwhile, my girlfriend had the laugh of her lifetime and I got an embarrassment of a lifetime.

Isn’t he perfect? Lucky Girl his girlfriend his!


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