TVF’s Arunabh Kumar is charged for Sexual Harassment


A Mumbai Lawyer filed a FIR complaint against TVF’s Arunabh Kumar, after knowing that no alleged victims came up to file a complaint against him.

Rizwan Siddiqui, the lawyer himself confirmed The Quint that he has filed a third-party FIR charges against Arunabh Kumar for sexual harassment after the police said that they can’t investigate the case without a FIR.

Siddiqui said to The Quint, “I am helping the police department to overcome the hurdle by becoming the first informant. However, being a complainant, I have filed the complaint so they aren’t handicapped.”Screenshot (59)

On Tuesday, Mumbai Police talked to the women, those were sexually harassed by Kumar, in order to register the complaint.

This molestation erupts after a blog post on a Medium. The blog post was titled “The Indian Uber-this is TVF” and it was written by an anonymous Blogger, that went viral. Since the blog post shared and retweeted multiple times, many women employees shared the similar experiences.Screenshot (58)

Arunabh Kumar directly denied all the claims made against him. But, now a FIR has been filled, hopefully, we will come to know the truth.



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