“I tweeted to Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu ” My Story: My Biggest Regret In Life

Submitted by Sumant Kumar


1 year ago i.e. in 2016 it is the month of August 11. I got a call from my best friend.

She: Hello (in a shivering voice)

Me: Yes Priya, What happened?

She: Mummy is no more. She left us forever.

Me: Oh god! (mind goes blank)

Let it be and move forward dear. Aunty wants you to see a doctor, not as a loser.

She: Yes, I will do it for her.

Me: Take care of uncle and your brother.

She: Yaa, I will bye

(She died due to Cancer)

Now see the game of god. She called me again on 25th of August at 5 O’clock in the evening

She: Sumant tare pass kisi doctor ka number hai? (Sumant do you have any phone number of any doctor?)

Me: No, but why are you asking for a doctor?

She: My father is not responding me. (somewhere she knows that he is no more)

Me: Take him to the hospital by booking a cab. (I gave this idea because there were no such doctor around her)

She: Yaa ok, bye

After 1 hour when I called her then I got the news that he is no more. This seems like the cloud of disaster has taken all the things from her, she loses her confidence, power, world and everything which she had. Now in this world, she is alone with her 19 years old brother.

Again my mother called her and said

“Dekho Priya mummy bahut pain me thi thik huwa ki wo chali gaye or tumhare papa unse bahut jada pyaar karte the is liye wo bhi unke bina nahi raah sake…. or tumhe mummy-papa sayad ise din k liye padhaye the ab tumhe kuch karne ka din aa gaya hai”

(See Priya your mother was in pain and now she is free from this pain and your father loves her very much so he can’t live without her and left you. They prepare you for this day only now the day has come to do something.)

After listening all these things she replied “Yes, Aunty I will prove this and never let their head down”

This is not the end of the journey but this is the start of a new life.

And as being a best friend I found myself helpless for the first time. I am not with her because I am far from her in Bhopal facing my college problems of exam.

When I called her she replied that Please don’t come; be there and study hard I want you on the top of the list. (I don’t know this line shooked me. And due to her, I secured 1st rank in my 6th and 7th sem.)

This whole thing made me shameful that being a boy I can’t do anything. Then something hit my mind. What?

Her mother was working in railway and in railway, there is a scheme of giving a job to their son/daughter. But it will take many months/years. Then what to do now?

I shook my roommate up awake(he was sleeping). Then I discussed my plan with him when he gave me the courage and said yes, “Let’s do it for Priya”.

Our plan was to tweet to the railway minister. And Yes we got a reply from them. They really helped us as much as they could.

Source- Screenshot from my lappy

(In this process I requested my classmate, seniors and friends to tweet in favour of her with a hashtag #fightforPriya. And yes they all helped me. Special thanksto them.)

She (Priya) got a call from DRM Dhanbad and in 30 min railway officers reached her home. They talked to her and know the problem and they promised her to give an immediate job to her brother.

Till now everything was in our favor.

And from here the Indian vampire comes out i.e Corruption. Her brother got a call from an officer and he called him in his office. When he got into his office he got angry with him, he said that you will definitely get your job but in D grade. (Although this depends on the marks obtained in the exam.)

When Priya called me then I came to know that they are taking revenge from us for what we had done by tweeting to the Railway minister. Her brother gave exam twice but in both the exam he got a D grade post.

I don’t know where I had made the mistake due to which he got the job early but not the post which he deserves.

“We have to kill this corruption or this corruption will kill us ONE day”

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