A lawyer is a person who practices law, as a barrister, attorney or a counselor. A lawyer specializes in solving individual problems, and different cases, using his or her special skills and legal knowledge and theories. Some people assume that a lawyer is a lawyer, and so any lawyer will be able to provide whatever legal services they need. While technically this is true because a lawyer is licensed to practice law. The law is so vast and all-encompassing that it is impossible for a single lawyer to effectively provide legal services across each different area of law.
Much like doctors, where there is a focus on a specific area of the body, specific age groups, or specific types of ailments and diseases, lawyers typically specialize in one, or a few related types of law.

There are different types of lawyers. Some of them are:
* Bankruptcy
* Debt
* Marriage
* Divorce
* Collections
* Contracts
* Incorporation
* Litigation
* Discrimination
* Civil Liberties
* Gay and Lesbian Rights
* Voting Rights
* Human Rights
* Expengement
* Traffic Ticket
* Criminal
* Drunk Driving
* Workers’ compensation
* Sexual harassment
* Workplace safety
* Privacy rights
* Discrimination against employe
* Wills
* Child custody
* Adoption
* Citizenship
* Corporate
* Real estate
* Tax
* Disability rights
* Landlord tenants
* Health
* Environment
* Drug abuse
* Domestic violence

Whatever your legal problem, there’s very likely a lawyer out there who specializes in dealing specifically with that type of problem. With the above mentioned list of lawyers, one can seek help from the lawyer that specialises in his filed of issue.


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