UCLA Shooting- Mainik Sarkar Killed His Wife As Well


The murder-suicide case of UCLA is taking new turns as the investigation gets tense. The investigation has revealed the killer to be a 38 year old Indian doctoral student Mainak Sarkar but his motives still remain unclear. Sources say that Sarkar was heavily armed.


The whole scenario, that took place at the UCLA campus on Wednesday morning with three gunshots being fired, prompted a campus wide lockdown and forced hundreds of terrified students to hide in buildings. UCLA Student Body President, Michael Skiles identified the victim to be William S. Klug, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at UCLA.UCLA 1

The former student of UCLA and the gunman, Mainak Sarkar stuffed his backpack with guns and ammunitions and drove to Los Angeles from his home in Minnesota. The police reports that after hunting down a former professor, Sarkar had left a note for the authorities before shooting himself down. The note requested someone to check on gunman Mainik Sarkar’s cat at his StPaul’s address and also some verbiage related to another, who must have been the killer’s target but remains safe.

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Sarkar had left behind a trail of evidence, including the note that led the investigators to second victim 2000 miles away. The police there found a woman dead with a gunshot,  who is alleged to be Sarkar’s wife Ashley Hasti and also a ‘Kill list’. However the couple seems to have separated a while ago as reports Hasti’s uncle.UCLA

The authorities were still not able to find a motive for the violence, but sources report that in a recent blog update, Sarkar called Klug a “sick person” and blamed him to have stolen computer codes from Sarkar. However, the investigation team does not seem to have found any basis for it.

The automatic pistols and ammunitions suggest that Sarkar was definitely prepared to engage multiple victims. The police is now studying the surveillance footage for further information.



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