Udta Punjab Set To Release With ‘A’ Certificate


“Audience is mature; let the audience decide. How can you tell which word is right and which is wrong?” and with this statement,  Bombay High Court on Wednesday  granted permission to Udta Punjab to hit the banners with ‘A’ certificate on the coming Friday. The audience of today knows well what is right and what is not. The crowd knows the difference between the two paths and where it will lead to.

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 We don’t discover anything in the script of the motion picture that influences the sovereignty of the country as per Bombay High Court. It noted that it was for producers to pick the setting of their movies as it was the basic key to innovative flexibility. The film was made for grown-ups and that nobody could direct the producer without abusing creative freedom.udta punjab g

 The Bollywood industry does not have a caption attached “ Handle with Care” and have sensible people around and they are well read and know what is to be shown on the screen and whatnot. There is no point in directing a film where majority scenes are made to cut just because they are so near to reality and are the bitter truth. The judge further added, removing the word ‘Punjab” from the title of the movie is a useless thought.udta punjab

Udta Punjab got a clearance with ‘A’ certificate, making it a watch only for the audience of above 18 years after all the tough challenges laid in front of it by the Central Board of Film Certification. Pahlaj Nihalani said that he never kept the clause to change the name of the film, whereas nine members of the Central Board of Film Certification made them cut 13 scenes from the actual film before the final release after watching the first tape.

The Bombay High Court solicited the producers from Udta Punjab to include a disclaimer toward the beginning  of the Udta Punjab.



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