What is the most unattractive thing a man/woman can do?


We surveyed in public about the most unattractive thing a man/woman can do. Here is the answer related to this question.

“I need this job, bro! I do,” X, my flatmate begged, almost on his knees.
“But then if my chief assumed you weren’t skilled enough, how do I prove him otherwise?” I replied, trying to pretend sympathy.

He didn’t deserve the job. I knew how he paid his way through college, and how bad his communication skills were, and how even worse his coding skills were.

In fact, my boss laughed at me for vouching for him. Don’t ever vouch for someone like that, man, I was told quite sternly over all the laughter.

“No, Neil, you don’t get it. I cannot go home without an IT job,” said X.
I frowned.

“Why are you so hell bent on IT, man?” I asked.

“Well, bro, let’s just say it’s really important that I get one,” he went on. “In fact, I’m ready to pay upto ₹100,000 for entry on a lateral level. Even if they pay me ₹15,000 a month for that, I’m fine.”

“What?” I coughed, astounded. “You mean like a bribe?”
For a fucking IT job? Something didn’t quite add up here.
“You call it a bribe,” he said, “I call it an investment.”

“What fucking investment, man?” His logic bore no sense. Why would someone pay ₹100,000 for a ₹15,000 salary?

“You see, where we come from, engineers working for an IT company get a minimum of ₹30 lakh dowry, irrespective of the pay,” X explained proudly.

“We spend around ₹6–8 lakh on our education, and if necessary, another hundred-two hundred thousand on lateral entry fees, closing our investments under ₹10 lakh. That means, we get a return of three times on our initial investment. Isn’t that amazing!”
I was too stunned to speak. I didn’t really know how to respond to this garbage. “You..you..you’re proud of this?” I croaked over my dry throat.

“Everybody does it,” he replied, smiling cheek to cheek. “My eldest brother, working for XYZ Infotech got ₹20 lakh and a Honda City. That was about 7 years ago. My other cousin who’s an MTech, earning around ₹45,000 a month at ABC, got ₹40 lakhs and a flat in Marathalli last year. Everybody in my village is an engineer, either studying, or working somewhere. Whatever it is, I’m definitely going to get my share.”

“Your share?” I mumbled, and walked away. Any longer and I would have lost it.
And he calls himself an educated young man. Educated, my ass!

I never spoke to him again. Last I heard, he did pay that bribe and got through a leading IT player in Bangalore, after which he moved out.

My blood churns just thinking about that conversation


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