Valentine’s Day: Meet the couples who dared to stand out!


On this Valentine’s Day, there are some LGBT couples who went against the traditions of the society to live together. It’s certainly tough, but love will conquer all. You don’t marry someone, with whom you can live with. Instead, you marry the one, you can’t live without. But, what will be the consequences when it’s against the laws of the society?

Here is some LGBT couple who dared to stand out in this Valentine’s Day.

Siddhant Pillai and Apurva Asranixf92mEN

Apurva Asrani, the winner of National Award filmmaker met Siddhant Pillai (his boyfriend) on social media. The couple had been together for the last 10 years. “We have taken each single day as it came, refusing to fly into the fragrance of internal romance. If you wake up every day and not bound  in social interference, still wants to be together, that’s magic.”, said Apurva.

Siddhant and Apurva moved together and their parents supported their decision. “All our parents want to know if we had a stable partner who can stick to us in every situation. Our happiness matters them. When they came to know we share same values, they were relieved.”, said Asrani.

Rahul Arora and Suneet VermaldF4pXf

Designer Sumeet Verma met Rahul Arora on a blind date organized by their friends. The moment they met each other, they realized as ‘made for each other’. The couple also exchanged vows in a civil ceremony aboard.

Suneet says that he never concerned of the people’s opinions except for his parents. Suneet told his parents about his relationship with Rahul and they marry at that very week only.

Rudrani Chettri Chauhan and Tony ChauhanJ3JYz0E

Rudrani Chettri Chauhan is a transgender who met Tony Chauhan after a series of secret meetings. The duo fell in love after some meetings. Tony never cared about her gender. Rudrani says, “Tony loves me of what I am and that thing I love about him”. The couple wanted to live together, but Rudrani is afraid of the society. When she told Tony for the breakup, as there seems no future together, he cried a lot. So, they decided to live together, as Rudrani couldn’t break his heart.



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