Who is The Villian Of Your Daily Life?

Smartphones are here with a full boom in our life. These mini computers we all carry everywhere in our pockets whole day, everyday smartphones with excellent features are launched, meaning new smartphone owners are created daily.
This is good news for Google, HTC, Apple, Samsung, and all other companies making money from mobile phones. But it is not so good for the human race as a whole, or an individual mobile phone owner.
One particular thing about smartphones is that they aren’t exactly villains unless you let them control you.
In my childhood days, every locality reverberated with the noise of the children playing in the park.  Hell, I was the member of that drab. Now when I take my dog out for a walk, all I see is empty parks. Children like candy crush more now.
Every family member gets together for the period of lunch and dinner and also shares a laugh together. Now, everybody is busy on their smartphones.
 Who is The Villian Of Your Daily Life?
A mind relaxing sleep in complete darkness and silence is now entirely controlled by Whatsapp notification and flashing screen. Earlier, the last thing we use to do was to take a water bottle with us to the bed. But now it is the charger.
 Who is The Villian Of Your Daily Life?
I assume that smartphone has taken control on the human beings.
P.S.- I’m an addict too.


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