Virat Kohli’s Inspiration: Paramahansa Yogananda!


We all may not know everything about Virat Kohli, or do we? No doubt, we know about the Indian captain has been in tremendous format, notching centuries all the time. He is among the best Indian batsman, thanks to his incredible and mind-boggling performances in the field.

What about his personal life? Oh, come-on, we aren’t  talking about his relationship with Anushka Sharma, but we want to know about the driving force behind his success.

Just follow Instagram a little bit, it would do the needful.

The 28-year old cricketer had become the only player who scored double centuries in two consecutive series, over-passing legendary Don Bradman and former Indian Captain, Rahul Dravid. The Delhi boy took to social media on Saturday and shared the reason behind his success.

While many of you may or may not have heard the name, but Kohli’s driving inspiration is Paramahansa Yogananda, the Yoga Guru born in 1893. Kohli credited a book titled “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Yogananda, the reason behind his brilliant success.

Virat urged for the book to his fans and he recommends to everyone as he believes it has the whole perception towards one’s life.

Previously, Virat’s coach Rajkumar Sharma had shared a lot of things about him. He mentioned how a 28-year-old cricketer had transformed from a talented player to a tremendously great player. Talking about his success in an interview, Sharma said, “Kohli once told me, if I wouldn’t set the benchmark as captain, who else will? I know the boy behind the man. He used to gorge on butter chicken, rolls and all sorts of fast foods. But, today he is, found himself to be in the diet.

“In fact, he is so particular that whenever he comes over my place, he would opt for fresh juices rather than the packed ones. Even crabs are a strict no-no for him”, Sharma revealed.

Be its batting captaincy or healthy lifestyle, he had been a role model. not Only for his peers, but also, for the upcoming young generation.



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