Virat Kohli Shares His Fitness Secret


The ‘run-machine’ Virat Kohli revealed his fitness regime comprised at least 100 squats daily along with other rigours , in an interview with Royal Challengers Bangaluru’s mascot Mr Nags.

Virat Kohli- Fitness Secret

People have been desperate to find Kohli’s incredible run form in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL), the cricketer has come forth himself revealing the secret. Kohli who is known for his amazing hand in picking runs and exquisite collection of shots is also an expert in running between wickets. Virat Kohli says he focuses on his lower body which is the reason for his explosive power.Virat Kohli

“I don’t do upper body. I only work on my legs for explosive power. He (Shankar Basu) makes me do a crazy number of squats, close to a 100 in a session,” said the charmer.

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The player is all praises for Basu. He credited the Strength and Conditioning coach of the Indian team, who also happens to be the RCB trainer, for introducing him to weight lifting. “Fitness regime is pretty simple. There is a big role of our trainer, Mr Basu, who also trains the RCB team, and is the Indian team trainer.

Even though a heartthrob himself, the RCB team leader praised team-mate and South African batting superstar AB de Villiers and addressed him to be the best.

Virat Kohli had been on the news for various reasons including his much discussed relationship with Anushka Sharma which seemed to have ended earlier this year. The IPL has brought the star some real good time in limelight for flair in the field of cricket. Since the IPL season began, medias are flooding with praises for the 27 year old player.


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