Wedding Gift Ideas for your 1st Anniversary


1st things have always been special, call it 1st job, 1st love, 1st birthday and even 1st Anniversary. It is the first chance that you get to do something new in your life. If you are talking particularly about anniversary, then I must say that its been one year since the completion of your magical journey. You have seen each other’s best and worst, there is absolutely nothing which should be kept hidden from the other. So, now when you are gifting something, you need not impress them because that is something you have already done in the past. Go for thoughtful gifting because that is something which will be appreciated more than anything else. To make it easier for you, we have shortlisted some great wedding anniversary gifts to win his/her heart.

Engraved Ring

You have been quite sweet to each other but what becomes tough is to handle the sour moments. It is these sour moments which can make or break the long held association. If your partner stood by you during the sour times too then you can easily be sure that he/she is the one who is going to be there till the very end of the journey, holding your hands tightly. Gift them an engraved ring as an expression of gratitude to be there with you through thick and thin.

Photo Collage

I know it’s one of the most obvious gift option, but how about delighting your spouse with a photo collage of all those sweet memories which you have had in the past one year. It will let you walk back the memory lane once again to cherish those wonderful moments which you have so lovingly spent together.

Anniversary Cakes

Celebrations are absolutely incompleteanniversary card First-Anniversary gifts Wedding anniversary ringwithout something sweet. How about delighting your spouse with a delectable anniversary cakes. If you are pressed for time, you can also order your wedding anniversary cake online. It is one of the most important gift for wedding anniversary because cakes are a center piece of any celebration.

Love Letter

People might find it a little old-fashioned but trust me love letter is the way to go. And moreover, in this world of technology where everything could be said with a text, love letter turns out to be simply amazing. You can write down all those wonderful things which you have enjoyed over the past one year and later in life when you read it, I am sure it will give you both smile and giggles.


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