For Stephen Hawking, a West Bengal wheelchair aspirant dreams for IITs!


The 17-year-old bound boy from West Midnapore district of West Bengal holds a pen to writes and operates gadgets with the help of a chin. “He wants to make a big name for himself in science,” beams Sujata Dey about his son, Tuhin, who is affected by arthrogryposis multiplex congenital (AMC). It’s a disorder that develops during a women’s pregnancy and disables the mobility of joints of baby hands and legs.

Tuhin is in Kota for his Engineering Entrance Coaching and dreams to be an IIT student to become a cosmologist like the famed physicist Stephen Hawking, who is affected by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). It’s a motor neuron disease that has kept him confined to sit in a wheelchair which forced him to depend on computerized voice system of communication.

“Tuhin has undergone a total of 20 surgeries since his birth from the year 1999. But, that didn’t deter him from studies,” says Sujata adding “He is an extraordinary student.”

Despite being 90% handicap, which doctors said that it’s not curable; Tuhin wrote his Class 10 examination without the help of a writer or any extra time given to him because of his disabilities. Now, he is waiting for the results.

Tuhin got the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement in 2012 and also Best Creative Child Award with Disabilities in 2013 from President Pranab Mukherjee. Tuhin says, he is more interested in Cosmology and Computer Science and idolizes Stephen Hawking.

“I want to get into IITs and one day will become like Stephen Hawking.”

Doctors say, the disorder of Stephen Hawking is different from Tuhin, but both of them has one thing in common is “Brain”, which is totally functioning.

“You need a brain and not brawn to get ahead in life.”

Tuhin didn’t have any siblings. “We didn’t plan for a second child, lest would give Tuhin a complex.”

A West Bengal based private trust Deenabandhu Trust has gifted a laptop and telescope to Tuhin. Moreover, a documentary film is also financing on him, being shot by filmmaker Monalisa Dasgupta. The trust has also assured financial assistance in the future.



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