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Here is one of the best tricks you should know and want to share.

5 Things Your Man Needs To Know About Lingerie

Lingerie shopping can be especially daunting for a man; even us women are intimidated enough to rush out of the stores sometimes. From the judgemental looks to the overwhelmingly feminine environment, there are plenty of reasons for a man who wants to get his woman something sexy to hightail it out of there. No matter India or America, people across borders, struggle this problem. If you haven’t considered it, you should. Take it from a woman; yours will love you for it. And she might even let you take off the wrapping! To make this experience a little less daunting, and hopefully give you enough information to conquer this mission, we’ve made a list of things that you should keep in mind when shopping for your lady.


1. Think about HER: It’s a gift after all! Before you even start to consider gift ideas, there is one thing you can’t overlook; always think your lady when looking at gift ideas. Women view their bodies differently, and if yours is the kind that is comfortable with hers, something skimpy and risque is an excellent gift idea. However, if she is more reserved and modest, an itsy bitsy polka dot bikini isn’t going to give you the reaction you’re hoping for. So as a rule of thumb, always – and we mean always, think about your lady first. Consider the things she loves about her body, the things she dislikes, what makes her feel sexy, what makes her feel uneasy, etc. The more you know, the easier it’ll be the find the perfect lingerie gift ideas for her.


2. Know her size: If you’re buying her lingerie- and you’ll end up spending a good amount of money on it- might as well do it right. So make sure to check her size and do some research as to what she likes or prefers. Let’s break down the sizing system a little: Bra size includes a letter and a number -34B, for example. The number represents the length of the band in inches, while the message indicates her cup size.

We get confused ourselves, so I can understand that this can be a difficult thing to do for a man, especially if she doesn’t fill you in on this information. But you need to try to get it somehow, even if you have to go to a friend. Here’s why: It doesn’t matter how much of an amateur you are, if you know her bra size, most lingerie store employees can do the rest. They’ll put her in a bra she’ll not only like, but one that she’ll look sexy in, and you will be appreciated.


3. What kind of bra will she want?: One of the most important things you can ask yourself before you go bra shopping for your woman is whether you are buying something sexy or comfortable. I know it’s difficult to put the urges aside when you’re surrounded by thin lace, but remember you’re purchasing the bra for her, not for yourself. Sometimes the best gift you can give a woman is the comfort; that spicy red number may look fantastic on her, but your money will go a lot further with something she genuinely likes wearing, versus something that she’ll probably wear for thirty seconds before throwing on the floor.


4. Consider the occasion: Lingerie says a lot of things, so you should understand the implications. Gifting lingerie is a sign of affection and if you sense like you’re comfortable revealing it, all the potential to you! Anniversaries and Valentine’s day, for instance, is a perfect time to go all in and buy that smart, sexy set. Birthdays, on the other hand (depending on your girl, of course), is a good time to go with something that is a little more reserved, but by no means less exciting.


5. Matching sets: I’ve seen men confused by this one on multiple occasions, why do women want to match their panties to their bra? Two reasons: (and they apply to this event) some just like the comfort of knowing their undergarments match; it brings them confidence. Others match when they know a man is going to see them (the underwear, that is). So, on that note, if you’re going to buy her a bra, make sure you also grab her a matching panty. It might increase the chance of you seeing them again.


There you go, that is a good amount of education in one piece. If you choose to heed my advice, and you really should, and it works out well for you, you’re welcome.


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