What is your naughtiest secret?


Everyone has secret. While some are wierd, others may be funny. Here is one of the naughtiest secret which will shock you.

When I was a little ass kid, I used to grab women’s boobs for fun.


Let’s face it; women breast are beautiful! When you are a child, you have a lot of advantage because people view you like a little innocent creature who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

I wouldn’t hurt a fly, of course. But grabbing boobs is a whole new thing. I used to go to the ladies’ room and stare at them naked. Sometimes I would rub my shoulders on their chest and say “excuse me” with the most innocent voice.

There was this one time when I went to a teenage girl and just grab her boobs hard and ran away blushing . . . BEST. FUCKING. DAY. EVER.

Just look at them. Aren’t these beautiful?
Thank you, Google for offering such exquisite images.


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