What scares you the most in a relationship?


Here is one of the stories on what scares you the most in a relationship.

Getting too attached.

A bunch of facts scares me.

The fact that I give a person all the rights to break me and make me feel vulnerable.
And the fact that the person will know my fears, my insecurities and might take advantage of them.

The fact that he can govern my moods, my behavior with others.
On the other hand, the fact that I can get extremely dependent on him and my happiness is influenced by his.
The fact that I can put a person above me and his needs above mine.

The fact that by nature I am a person who cannot break relationships easily and end up forgiving people though they don’t deserve it.
Similarly the fact that I blame myself and be extremely critical of myself when things aren’t as smooth a sail as before.

The fact that he might break me in ways more than one, but when he apologizes I might give him a chance, yet again.
The fact that I fear myself being taken for granted in a relationship and do all things in my power to prevent that. But it still happens, and I end up being hurt.
And the fact that if the other person loses interest, the relationship lays at the mercy of this person.

The fact that if I am playing in a relationship, I might lose a part of me.
The fact that I might be rendered numb emotionally.
And the fact that whatever relationship I shared with that person before getting into this relationship is endangered.

It is the fear of getting attached. My mind plays games with me. It alarms me against relationships by citing all the things that could go wrong, by quoting all the emotional trauma I might have to face, by building a wall around me taking care not to let people in as they wish.

A confused teen.


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