What’s the longest a human has ever gone without pooping?


We asked people how long they can go without pooping. Many people answered the question. Here is one of the answer.

Probably quite awhile. I suspect in countries where there’s been a famine, and people don’t eat or eat very little, they don’t go much because of theres anything to expel except undigestable things like fiber.


When I was in basic training, no one went for about two weeks due to stress. We always referred to it as “day 14” afterward because, and I’m completely serious. Everyone started crapping about the same time (day 14), and it was awful. And I was one of the unlucky saps on latrine duty. I’m not sure if it was coincidence or if there was some weird connection between all of us and when one started we all started. I wonder if there’s ever been a study on this.

No one complained of their abdomens hurting or anything, so I think it was pretty harmless but under normal conditions, 14 days is too long, and you run a risk of a bowel obstruction or impaction. The large intestine absorbs water from your waste, and that makes it more robust (that’s how Imodium works- by decreasing motility so more water can get absorbed and form a solid again.) If it sits there for days on end more water can get removed, and it can get hard, and you don’t want that.


As odd of a question it may be (lol) now I’m curious if anyone has a world record for the longest time span between defecations and how long it would be.


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