WhatsApp banned in Brazil for the second time


WhatsApp has become the popular instant messaging app worldwide. While some have enough reasons how this app made their life easier, some are against it.

In Brazil, the app was banned for the second time for not providing appropriate information to the criminal investigators.

Recently, the Brazilian judge, Daniela Barbosa has suspended the app which doesn’t support police investigation.

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In his verdict, he ordered the application to be blocked in the country which will soon take place after every phone company receives the notification.

The verdict was given on the fact that the app’s owner, Facebook didn’t reply to any of the emails sent through the app when the police demanded its help in a criminal case in the city of Caxias. The owner hasn’t provided any comment on the decision.id164795

The country witnessed a similar case earlier this year where a judge from the northeastern state of Alagoas gave the same verdict for a different case of failing to surrender user data following which the court agreed to lift the ban in May. The judge criticized WhatsApp for replying the court in English since it is not the country’s official language.

The court in its first appeal of suspending the app said that the app was had lost the importance of investigation to the criminals who were freely using it and their data was secured.

It acted as a shield against serious crimes like drug trafficking providing data privacy.

To the above allegations, the app’s management team said that it was cooperating with investigations and discarded the issue saying it had no technology to handle such requests since the chats are end-to-end encrypted.

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It has also been in the news that the app was blocked in Sau Paulo for 12 hours in December last year by the region’s judge.

However, The Ban has Been lifted now.




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