WhatsApp introduces 24-hour Instagram and Snapchat


It seems that the world is copying each other on social media. Previously, Facebook and Instagram introduced features like Snapchat, and now came WhatsApp. According to reports, Whatsapp comes with 24-hour stories Instagram and Snapchat. Now, in Whatsapp user can post images and videos on their status.

Earlier, users used to update their status using only texts and emojis. And the status remains as long as the user wants to. However, with this new feature, a user can update its status in the form of images and videos. The status will only last for 24 hours, after which it will be deleted automatically. Moreover, users can change 6 such status per day.

As like, Instagram and Snapchat, the user just needs to click on the profile picture that usually appears in round shape circles and can see what their friends have posted. This feature will be first available for iOS users. Android users have to wait a little bit.

This feature was first introduced by Snapchat, which the Instagram copied. According to reports, last year, 150 million Instagram users have used those ephemeral story features. Not only Whatsapp, its owned company, Facebook is also looking forward to introducing the same feature. The feature will appear just above the News Feed Option.

Recently, it had introduced a two-step verification. So that no-one can make his/her account using your mobile number. It had also introduced the tracking facility. With the help of this, you can track your friends who are in the emergency.

Moreover, it also updated a new feature of sharing limit. Instead of 10 photos, now a user can share up to 30 photos.

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