5 Worst Things That You Do Every Morning!

Phone in the dark
The key to getting your day started off on the right foot is to build momentum. Morning routines are paramount to success, as many of the world’s most capable and accomplished people will attest to.
Truthfully, no one wants their day to get off to a bad start. But as unfortunate as it is, it’s incredibly easy to sabotage you, and completely throw off your routine and momentum, with any number of small missteps. Let’s try to figure out the most common mistakes that we do every morning.
  1. Checking your work mail soon after waking up

    Phone in the dark
    Phone in the dark
The flood of new messages can throw you into panic mode before you’ve even had the chance to wipe the gunk from your eyes. It sets your day off to negative starts and if you’re responding to an email when you’re half awake, you’re more likely to make mistakes. So if you must log in before you reach your desk, pick a set time when you’re fully awake to do so, People who check their email at designated times report feeling less stressed than those who are exposed to a constant flow of new messages.
  1. Loading up the breakfast with carbs

Cereal may seem like a healthy choice, but you’ll find yourself craving junk foods later in the day if that’s all your eating. Instead, go for a breakfast option with a lot of protein like eggs, meat, or Greek yogurt – you’ll feel more satisfied throughout the day.

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  1. Brushing after breakfastmorning things-you-are-doing-every-day-that-is-affecting-your-teeth-in-a-bad-way2-1471586252_350x163

Brush your teeth the first thing in the morning. Don’t wait till finishing your breakfast. If you have had anything acidic in your breakfast (juices, curd, coffee), brushing your teeth will affect the tooth enamel. You definitely don’t want to risk that.

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  1. Snoozing your Alarm

 alarm morning does and don'ts
Sleep is important — this can’t be stressed enough. But the cornerstone of a solid morning routine is to actually get up when the alarm goes off; no complaining, no hitting snooze. Just get your feet on the ground, and you’ll have an early and important “victory” on which to build momentum.

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  1. Delaying your workoutimages

In order to keep ourselves healthy, we have to exercise at some point. While it may be tempting to blow it off until the evening, you’re more likely to actually stick to your routine if you work out in the morning. Plus you may find that you end up sleeping better as a result.


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