Wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt says NO to Dowry!


Wrestler Yogeshwar Dutta, the man who bagged a bronze medal for India at London Olympics. The once-shy Wrestler (Pehalwan) became quite vocal on social media during the JNU sedition controversy, which held last year.

Well, this is not the first time Yogeshwar has taken a bold stand. When Salman Khan was named as India’s Rio Games goodwill ambassador, Dutt commented saying; “Olympics were not the place for promotion”.

This 34-year-old man has also done something that would make the nation stand up and feel proud. Yogeshwar, the two times Asian Games Medallist, chose to take only Re 1 from his bride’s family ahead of his marriage on Monday. He will tie the knot to Sheetal Sharma, daughter of Congress leader Jaibhagwan Sharma.

The reason for Yogeshwar’s decision is really inspiring. His family suffered a lot as they had to cough up huge sums for their daughter’s marriage. Dutt, who saw his parent’s plight, vowed his head as youngster ensuring that his bride’s family didn’t suffer.

He also quoted in TOI; “However, I decided on two things while growing up — I will excel in wrestling and I will not accept dowry. My first dream has been realized and now it is time to keep my second promise”.

However, the groom’s mother said his family will only accept Re 1 as dowry as a token of goodwill from the bride’s family and nothing else.

Firstly, the Dangal girls proved themselves as the Champion Wrestlers and now, Yogeshwar stands against Dowry. Wrestlers surely know how to break stereotypes in India. Don’t they?



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