Young, Bachelor, less educated men are more likely to be liars: Study


According to a latest research, young, bachelor men with low levels of education and bad etiquettes are more likely to lie. This research was conducted on how to choose a serial liar based on some specific factors.

The research showed that 13% of the people told approximately 58% of lies. Another potential group of liars was young, married women with low levels of education but high levels of income.

“These might be women who have married into money,” says Arch Woodside from Curtin University.

The aim of the research was to find a recipe of factors that could find 9/10 times whether someone is a liar or not. The researchers tested many combinations of factors such as gender,age, and education. They used a US Survey of 1998 that had representative samples from every country.

The study involved a quiz that asked many lifestyle questions such as “How many times have you lied” and “have you ever abused or shown finger to someone in traffic”.

This data was used to create a screening process to determine what other factors were common in big liars.

What they actually found was that it takes about 7 ingredients to be sure to identify a big liar.

For instance, “a young male with low levels of education” is not a sufficient information to determine if he’s a big liar or not.

But “a young male with low levels of education who is involved in antisocial behavior such as road rage” is a specific component that can categorize himself as a big liar.

The study also revealed the 21% of people who tried to live their life by speaking only truth. These people were mainly older women who were not married.


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