This Young lady is finding an employment For a Man Who Safeguarded Her During Mumbai Rain Chaos and You Can Offer assistance!


In the midst of all the dim mists that secured the Mumbai sky on the 29th of August, the soul of Mumbaikars went about as the main beam of daylight for the city. Many unsung people offered to help the suffocating city and its kin.

Today also, this story is a tribute to one such legend about whom many individuals wouldn’t think about if this woman had not posted about his kind and liberal follow up on her online networking handle.

Shikha Chawla, one of the Mumbaikar, was stranded in the midst of the surges after she cleared out her office at 3:00 PM. After a great deal of battle, she was at last ready to discover a taxi that would drop her home.

The driver of the taxicab took it as his moral obligation to escort Shikha home safe, regardless of the riotous and threatening condition the city was in. Not just that, even in the taxi when Shikha was stressed, the driver guaranteed her help by these solid words:


Touched by this caring signal of the driver, Shikha chose to help him in her own little route by setting up this post on her Facebook, for his relative who was available in the taxicab with her and required a vocation.

29th August 2017 is a day that I’ll always remember, for some not-so-incredible but rather significantly awesome reasons.

I exited from my working environment at around 2:45 pm, got soaked in the rain, looked for an Auto, had a go at booking Ola/Uber (trains weren’t working in any case). By 3 pm, a taxicab driver who as of now had somebody sitting in the front seat, ceased, presumably felt frustrated about me and consented to drop me home. On conversing with him, I understood that he remained around Bandra and was in the territory to run an individual errand and the young fellow situated in the front seat was a relative. What began at 3 pm was a voyage that proceeded for decent 5-6 hours! We were backed off by signals that declined to turn green, thruways and benefit streets that appeared to be unapproachable, an activity that moved at a cold pace and knee-profound water that had all the possibility to harm his vehicle.

Not once did this man, flip, grumble or request that I walk my way to the goal. I continued getting calls from friends and family and every other person who’d seen my past notice. He watched me answer the calls and stated, “Madam, gharwalo ko bata do aap theek thaak pohoch jaoge. aapko kaise bhi ghar chodke rahunga.” He satisfied his assertion, overcame the obstacles in transit and dropped me till Andheri by 8:30 pm at the cost of demolishing his vehicle and being stuck on his way back home.

I wish I could have paid the driver more than I or offer my thanks somehow. Consequently, I’m falling back via web-based networking media to attempt my good fortune. Amid the adventure, he conversed with me about how his relative situated in front has originated from the town and is searching for work. The person is in his mid-20s and was a PC educator in his town. He is looking for an employment in the city as a PC administrator. His name is Manoj Kumar and his contact number is9********. Expected pay is Rs 10k+.

They most likely don’t have a clue/recollect my name yet I assured him that he will get a ring at whatever point anything comes. On the off chance that you are aware of anybody/any association that needs a PC administrator, please connect with him. Also, on the off chance that you don’t, please share this status with the general population in your companion list

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29th August 2017 is a day that I'll never forget, for some not-so-great but majorly great reasons. I left from my…

Posted by Shikha Chawla on 30 ऑगस्ट 2017

Any sort of reference will be valued.

The post has touched many individuals heart and it is noticeable as the remark area is overflowed by acclaims for the driver and help for his relative:


  1. The soul is the word.



  1. Everybody is attempting to offer assistance.



  1. Help Will Be Given


  1. Indeed, Shikha Did a fabulous Job!

 His marksheet was also released in a while. Have a look.

Of course, with this little others conscious signal, she has demonstrated it to all, that it doesn’t take much to reimburse a kind deed with another kind deed.


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