Youth and Health





Students of Senior Secondary Model School, Punjabi University, Patiala worked
under the British Council's ISA project "Youth & Health" in the month of October, 2018.


The students prepared power-point presentations on nutritional problems among
adolescents. Weekly diet charts were prepared by the students by recording their daily
intake of food items and shared it with the neighbouring countries i.e. Pakistan and
Nepal. Posters related to ill effects caused by junk food were also prepared by them.
Health calendars were also designed on significant health issues and days related to it.
Through these activities the students were made aware of problems which they could
face in mere future by consuming the junk food. They also came to know about the
importance of health in their life. The Principal Mrs. S.K. Nirmal Goyal motivated the
students to take balanced diet and indulge in physical activities to remain physically and
mentally fit. The activity co-ordinator Mrs. Amoljit Kaur also encouraged the students to
have healthy meals and avoid binge eating.



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